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Who am I?

Inquisitive.  Thoughtful.  Adventerous.  

My journey, like that of so many others has been one filled with struggle.  From that struggle came opportunity and from that opportunity came the ability to overcome.  After being diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy, I faced learning to live life differently which carried over into my recreational love for gaming.

I found here a lack of depth and a number of missed marks, chances to tell stories like mine and so many others.  Relatability to our heroes and heroines allows us to live the impossible.  Many want to fly, but for some, to run is an equally daunting idea yet every day, they continue to tell their own story.  I want to see more of those told, and so I founded 'Critical Sit'.  

For me, humor is the way I face my most difficult challenges, and removing the taboos of discussing the hard truths of disabling conditions is long overdue, So why wait?  Lets schedule some time to chat, and discuss how your storytelling or mechanics can benefit from a more inclusive approach!

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